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VisiRule Technical Resources

This page contains a selection of technical resources including papers, videos and slides relating to VisiRule. LPA has more material which it uses on training courses and public engagements. Just ask!


Annotated Charts

There's also a large collection of annotated charts on the Annotated Charts page which explain how to use VisiRule in different ways.

Published Papers

There's also a large collection of published papers on the Published Papers page which describe how customers have used VisiRule to solve various problems.

VisiRule WhitePaper

Click here to access the latest VisiRule WhitePaper.

VisiRule FastChart

VisiRule FastChart is an exciting new software package which allows you to use AI powered Machine Learning to create VisiRule Expert Systems.

VisiRule FastChart employs machine learning to create decision trees which can generate initial VisiRule charts. This exploits Big Data to provide intelligent decision support.

Introductory VisiRule video

Short video shows how to draw and execute a simple VisiRule expert system chart.

"Drawing on your knowledge with VisiRule" was written by Clive Spenser and published by IEEE. It offers a brief introduction to VisiRule and describes how VisiRule can help capture and automate structured decision-making processes.

Short presentation introducing VisiRule for the legal sector. Explains some of the underlying ideas and potential benefits that VisiRule has to offer the legal sector; including screens of different aspects of VisiRule and a basic commentary. Updated November 2022.

Basic overview of FLINT and how fuzzy rules can be integrated into VisiRule, Flex and LPA Prolog.

PC-AI article entitled "the Visual Development of Rule-Based Systems" written by Charles Langley and Clive Spenser in which the authors discuss how visual tools, such as VisiRule, can help overcome the acknowledged "Knowledge Acquisition Bottleneck"

Short video by Hans Hendrickx describing how to build a Medical Expert System using VisiRule

Some Knowledge Engineering slides used as part of an MSc Business Information Systems course.

VisiRule Help File for EMDS

Some slides from FHNW, which compare and contrast forward and backward chaining and VisiRule

Some slides which show how to use VisiRule to build a guided troubleshooter

Some introductory slides which show how to use VisiRule to build a chart; includes a summary of the various questions available and an overview of the expression languages available

VisiRule Analyics Overview

VisiRule Manager & Chart Analytics

Basic Overview of the new VisiRule Manager & VisiRule Chart Analytics service which allows you to examine the usage of charts on the browser and see usage statistics for each question. Gain insight into your users and customers!

You can access and use many useful Prolog and Flex predicates from within VisiRule say to manipulate text, lists, questions, global variables, numbers and more.. A complete scripting sub-system!

Starter Guide for how to download, install and use VisiRule, updated in Jan 2023 - essential reading! (83 pages)

Basic Overview of the LPA AI software range including VisiRule, Flex and LPA Prolog (updated Summer 2022).

VisiRule Extended Editor

VisiRule Editor &

The VisiRule extended editor and browser allows you to edit questions using a special tabbed dialog.

The VisiRule Publisher allows you to upload and publish your VisiRule charts.

Some slides which introduce Flex and the Flex/KSL

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