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How to Contact and arrange to meet engineers at LPA

You can contact LPA by phone, email and/or arrange to meet in person.

LPA office hours are generally 10am-6pm London time, but staff often answer emails and can be available for Skype, Zoom, Teams calls outside of UK office hours.

Please, fill out the below form to contact LPA about VisiRule or any of its Expert Systems Software products or any of its consultancy services.

LPA staff are happy to meet you in your preferred location (within reason), and/or participate in online meetings


You can also phone LPA on:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8871 2016

Your details were sent successfully!

Publishing Options

We can Publish Your Chart

You can send us your chart as a VisiRule chart, and we can publish it by uploading it to a VisiRule server and return you a URL to the guided questionnaire. You can then invite your friends and colleagues to try out your chart.

If you do not have a Visirule chart, you can send us a Visio diagram, or Word-picture or scan, and we'll try to put it into VisiRule for you. It doesn;t take one of our experienced engineers long to do this.


As long as your logic is specified somewhere, somehow, we can expect to transform it into an active expert system.


Once your chart is in VisiRule, we can Upload & Publish it for you and your colleagues to explore.

We can even offer to publish it as a guided chatbot.

You can Publish your own Charts

If you want, you can request to be able to upload and publish your own charts either to a public space or to a private area. There is a VisiRule component which facilitates this which is available on request.

VisiRule Analytics

All VisiRule sessions are logged, so after a while you'll be able to ask for usage reports and access to the VisiRule chart analytics.

This will provide insight into who is using your chart and what their data profile is across the various conclusions.

Barclays Eagle Lab

Barclays Eagle Labs

LPA are members of Barclays Eagle Labs since 2019.


Barclays is on a mission to help make the UK the best place to start and grow innovative businesses by promoting creativity and entrepreneurship. Through its activities, Barclays create opportunities for individuals and businesses of all sizes to access a broad range of skills to support this mission.

Through its involvement with Eagle Lab, LPA is able to have conversations with the innovation teams of many of the UK's leading law firms and discuss how VisiRule can be used within the legal sector.


Eagle Labs also support the transformation of businesses, industries and larger organisations through the delivery of structured innovation programming and access to new and emerging technologies.

With Eagle Labs all over the UK and more in the pipeline, Barclays aim is to provide high-potential businesses with the services they need to help their businesses. From each location they cultivate a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who benefit from access to a collaborative co-working and office space, structured mentoring and a curated events programme.

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