VisiRule Expert System Solutions

VisiRule is a graphical No Code Low Code tool for non-programmers to develop and deliver rule-based expert systems simply by drawing their decision logic.


Automation of Professional Services

The automation of professional services such as lawyers, accountants, doctors is within reach for many day-to-day, routine tasks. VisiRule can capture the experience and knowledge of your leading practitioners and use it to deliver a wide range of intelligent self-service solutions for both staff and clients alike..


Cloud-based Delivery

Advances in cloud-based services can be harnessed to deliver automated services across many areas in a cost-effective and scaleable manner.

ChatBot Deployment

VisiRule charts can be deployed as interactive chatbots which allow the user to access a large FAQ KB while at the same time as answering a dynamic sequence of guided questions in effect using a logic script contained in the chart.

Mobile Deployment

VisiRule charts can be deployed on mobile devices and smart-phones as well as desktops, laptops and tablets. All users need is a browser.

Document Generation

The data and logic collected during a VisiRule session can be combined with suitably marked-up document templates to generate bespoke documents.

Business Rules

VisiRule charts can be used to generate business rules which are then embedded within other processes and executed using a data-driven business rules engine.


Decision Engineering

The conditional logic rules contained in a VisiRule chart can be combined with corporate data to deliver data-driven automated decision engineering.

Interactive Delivery

VisiRule knows which questions to ask and when to ask them. Question paths are automatically constructed from the associated decision logic. Having evaluated the answer, VisiRule proceeds down the correct path to the next applicable question. This results in highly interactive and dynamic systems.


Explaining Outcomes

each question can contain a partial explanation which when collected together can help provide an explanation to users as to why a decision was reached.

Consensus-based Development

Diagrams provide a great way to establish and establish a shared vision. Everyone can get involved and contribute.


Safe, Secure and Reliable

VisiRule automation provides a reliable and consistent way of delivering the same expert advice in the same situation. The onus is on the authors to ensure that that advice is suitable and correct. VisiRule provides a suite of validation and documentation tools to help ensure that the chart contains the right logic.