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VisiRule Expert System Solutions in Industries

VisiRule is generic technology and can be used in many different industries. VisiRule provides a framework for you to enter, collate, edit, validate and verify your team's expert knowledge in any industry. When you that in place, you can simply press a button and deliver that logic as a built-application or component.


VisiRule has been used for various application purposes such as fault detection and remedy, advice generation, document automation, product configuration, scheduling, risk assessment and more. In fact, because VisiRule is built on, and has access to, a powerful rules-base AI system, it can address a wide range of problem challenges.


VisiRule charts can be delivered as web apps, as mobile forms, embedded components or interactive ChatBots.


VisiRule is sector agnostic and can be used in legal, accounting, tax, audit, Medical, RegTech, LegalTech, InsureTech and so on. Here are some typical sectors and use cases for VisiRule Expert System solutions. They can be deployed externally, to corporate clients or internally to junior staff.

Professional Services

Professional services such as those provided by lawyers, accountants, auditors, assessors, doctors, engineers are inherently knowledge-driven and demand consistency in terms of treatment. VisiRule can automate some of the more mundane and repetitive tasks which come up often enough to warrant the investment of time and money that automation, using any tool, demands.


Knowledge Management

Capturing and recording human expertise is itself a worthwhile process, as it often helps clarify what best practice is and can help identify and reconcile different codes of practice within larger organizations. This process is often referred to as Knowledge Management. VisiRule enables knowledge captured in KM activities to be directly executed in the form of active  applications.

Legal Services

VisiRule enables lawyers to deliver personalized advice, content and guidance via intelligent legal expert systems. Lawyers can keep current their legal expertise in an online rules based legal advice system without the need for programmers. Legal documents can be automatically generated using the powerful document generation facilities of VisiRule.


Tax and Accountancy

VisiRule enables accountants and auditors to deliver personalized advice and calculations via intelligent financial expert systems.



VisiRule can be used in insurance to help with sales quotations and can also generate bespoke policy schedules and proposals.


Medicine & Wellness

Medical Diagrams provide a great way to establish medical knowledge and share common viewpoints. Everyone can get involved and contribute. Specialist medical knowledge can be delivered using interactive questions. VisiRule rules can be used to generate a personalised wellness plan.


Break/Fix and machine diagnostics is an area well suited to troubleshooting flowcharts. VisiRule can not only assist Field Service Engineers but can also empower end-users to self-diagnose, and even repair, certain classes of faults.

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