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VisiRule Manager

Manage VisiRule Charts Online

The VisiRule Manager allow you to organize and control your charts online.


You can see various aspects of all your published charts using different views.

The result is that you have management control over the availability and meta data relating to your expert system applications.

You can see basic log data for user sessions, as well as important information about when files were created, accessed, updated etc.

You can also see some of the document creation details for reports generated by VisiRule sessions for different users.


Session Logs

Each user session is recorded in a log file. The log file will tell you, for each session, which questions were asked and what answers were given. You can also see any global variables which were computed and what conclusion was reached. You will also see basic bookeeping such as Time, Date, IP address and User Agent of client.


VisiRule can aggregate and analyse these to produce useful statistics, but you can download the data and analyse it yourself in say Excel or whatever package you like.

VisiRule Log Files

Table View

You can see each VisiRule chart from a table view


Graphical View

You see each published chart from a visual point of view.


You can publish your VisiRule charts as interactive web apps or as interactive chatbots - the logic is just the same.

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