Low-Code No-Code expert systems

VisiRule is a graphical tool for non-programmers to quickly and easily develop and deliver rule-based and expert systems simply by drawing their decision logic. VisiRule offers a Low-Code No-Code way to build expert systems. Legal services, business rules, finance and healthcare are just some of the application areas where VisiRule is particularly well suited.


Business Rules and Application Logic

Business rules are created using familiar graphical icons and links. The underlying logic-based inference engine helps ensure a high degree of compliancy and accuracy.


Expert Knowledge-Intensive Applications

VisiRule is ideal for building regulatory compliance systems, financial and legal decision-making systems, and both diagnostic and validation systems.


Shareable Know-How

VisiRule charts can be shared and discussed with colleagues as diagrams with no need to buy or install any additional software. The knowledge underpinning the business decisions is made visible in a clear and coherent manner.


VisiRule Author provides a dedicated diagramming tool for experts to draw and test charts


VisiRule Publisher compiles the charts to automatically create questionnaire pages and associated rules


VisiRule Server executes each question page + the associated rules to compute the next page


VisiRule generates a final conclusion + reports, documents and transcripts using the answers given

Intelligent Authoring Tool

VisiRule Author helps in the knowledge capture and automation process by intelligently constraining what can and can not done based on the its understanding of the emerging program. This reduces the scope for constructing invalid or meaningless links, improves productivity and helps spot errors early within the design process. A principal aim is to ensure that VisiRule can be used by business professionals as opposed to technical programmers. VisiRule has been specifically designed with lawyers, paralegals, auditors, compliancy experts, healthcare professionals in mind.




Interactive Delivery

VisiRule knows which questions to ask and when. Question sequences are automatically constructed from the associated decision logic. Having evaluated the answer, VisiRule proceeds down the appropriate branch. This provides for the deployment of highly interactive and dynamic systems.


Data Driven Delivery

VisiRule can extract answers from existing data, in which case, answers for those questions will be automatically computed, and the associated logic applied, just as if the answer had been entered interactively.


Productivity Improvements

VisiRule transforms the experience of building decision support and business rules systems by reducing the production time while increasing the final consistency and quality of the delivered systems.


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