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Browser-based Visual Authoring

VisiRule365, VR365, brings the power of VisiRule Expert Systems authoring to the browser --- no additional software required. Web-based or browser-based software runs online. No need to download or install any software, or worry about upgrades. VR365 runs on any device including PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.

VR365 allows authors to draw anything from a simple yes no flow chart to a complex decision tree flowchart in the browser. In addition, with a single click you publish them server side and/or client side as active applications.

So, for instance, a tax specialist can draw a chart which determines if any tax is due and how much is to be paid, and then offer this as a service to other advisors, agents or consumers.


A legal advisor can draw a chart which advises on some legal entitlement and guides users as to how to apply for it correctly.


All available from within your browser!

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(March 2024)

Draw Your Knowledge

You simply draw your knowledge by adding boxes, editing their contents and linking them together.


You can clone elements to speed up drawing.

You enter deatils such as the question prompt and explanation using a simple tabbed dialog.

Simple VR365 Chart
Simple Gender Test VR365.webp

Custom Appearance

You can use options on the settings pane to determine how any specific object is presented visually.

This gives you maximum control over the way your chart looks.

Full Canvas

VisiRule365 includes many tools for styling the visual presentations of nodes, lines, text.

This ensures you can design your chart to look just right. 

Deployed Fever Expert System

One Click Publishing

When you are ready to publish, a single click is all that's required for you to publish your chart as a web app and be available to your clients and staff.


You can also deliver your VisiRule charts as interactive chatbots.

Complex Charts

You can have as many nodes and links as you like. There are no preset limits as to how big or complex a chart can be.

A VisiRule file can contain any number of charts which can be connected.

You can even connect charts across different files.

AirHandler Expert System VR365
Publish chart as HTML

Publish as HTML

If you sign up for a named account, you can publish your charts as HTML apps which can then run both online and offline as they include their own dedicated JavaScript engine. 

You also get your own private cloud-based space for saving and loading files.

Share & Export Charts

You can save charts to the cloud so that colleagues can access, explore and even edit them.


VisiRule365 lets you export charts in a variety of formats such as SVG, PNG, JPEG so that you can use them in other documents or processes.

Fever Chart VSR365
MultiTiered Toolset.jpg

Logic Programming Associates Ltd

VisiRule365 is an integral part of the VisiRule toolset from Logic Programming Associates Ltd (LPA), a well-established AI supplier actively developing AI solutions since 1981​.

Multiple Industry Use

VisiRule works across many industries including legal, tax, finance, medical, insurance and others.

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