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Misc Extra VisiRule Demos

In the following misc extra VisiRule demos, each chart is arranged as per the original diagram. One of the unique features of VisiRule is that it allows the author to determine the precise layout of a chart. The chart is used not only to generate the executable expert system, but can also be displayed as the questions are being presented to help guide the user thru the legal labyrinth. Where available, there is a link to the original diagram which inspired the demo example.

VisiRule Screen

Legal knowledge is well suited to VisiRule's mode of self-publishing. VisiRule is designed to be used by legal experts and legal knowledge engineers, NOT programmers. VisiRule enables legal specialists to author and publish charts themselves in the form of interactive legal expert systems. No programming skills required. The introduction of technical engineers can lead to problems and takes away control from legal experts.


Visual models offer a very effective way of representing and communicating how legal knowledge is to be interpreted and implemented. VisiRule charts, which are based on decision trees, provide a familiar and structured way to organize legal knowledge. VisiRule charts can generate interactive question-driven legal expert systems. This means legal expertise can be shared with a global audience efficiently and safely.

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