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VisiRule AutoAudit

Automated Testing Harness

VisiRule AutoAudit provides a fully automated and semi-automated testing harness so that you can validate the logic in charts. Checking and verifying results using regression testing is an essential part of gaining trust and confidence in the automation of sensitive processes.

Simple Mode

Single Click

In its simplest mode, you can, with a single click, generate and execute a file of random test data. This creates a file of results that you can view in, say, Excel, and an associated output log which shows how each answer was reached.

Automated testing output log
Automated Testing Results

Advanced Mode

Semi-automated testing and validation

In the more advanced mode, you can also manually produce test data, compose and execute different test data files, customize the content of the output logs, and most importantly, compare the results of different versions of your charts, to see what effect, if any, your edits have had.

Advanced Testing Dialog

Preparing the Data

You can edit the data, in say Excel, to focus on specific ranges and combinations of values that are of concern. You can build up a test suite of known problem cases to use say any time the knowledge in the chart is revisited.

Advanced Testing Data Preparation

Executing the Data

You can select which test data file to use by name. You can use the same data with two different versions of a chart. You can execute a chart against various different sets of test data.

AutoAudit_Execute Dialog

Comparing Results

You can nominate any two sets of results to compare for any divergence.

AutoAudit_Compare Results screen

Spotting the Difference

AutoAudit will compare the results between the two runs and report on any cases which diverge. This means that you can check to see if the changes you have made to the chart have had any unintended consequences.

AutoAudit Comparison Differences
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