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VisiRule expert system in JavaScript

VisiRule JavaScript Rules Engine

VisiRule to HTML Javascript Rules Engine

In addition to web-server deployment, VisiRule now also offers a dedicated JavaScript rules engine, VRJS, which enables you can to deliver interactive charts client-side without any server interaction, both online and offline.

Client-side delivery provides a very fast and responsive way of servicing mobile devices even with limited internet access.

Draw Your Knowledge & Deliver with a Single Click

VisiRule is decision tree software where you draw your knowledge as a sequence of interconnected questions with logic test to link them together.


You can immediately test the logic to see how it behaves, rearrange and edit the nodes until you are happy. Then, in addition to traditional server side deployment, you can, with a single click, generate an HTML web page which contains all the needed code.

Simple VisiRule Expert System Chart

Backtrackable Questions

BMR Calcualator in HTML

The VisiRule JavaScript Business Rules Engine maintains a dynamic stack of all the questions asked and the answers given in the session.


This enables users go back in the conversation to a previous question and change their answer. VisiRule then will re-evaluate, and can take them down another branch of the decision tree.

The stack keeps track of the current state. Upon completion, the session can be shared with other processes, or sent to some location via email.

Callable SubCharts

You can combine multiple charts into a single solution. Charts can call other charts. This enables you to develop in a modular manner. It also simplifies both development and testing.

Common sub-charts can be queried multiple times but only asked once.

Affordable Flat Fee Pricing

Client side JavaScript chatbot

Client side delivery is available for a flat fee. The generated HTML code lives on your web site and is delivered directly to your customer's or staff's device by you.

You can easily deliver troubleshooting flowcharts to run on their phone.
VisiRule is software for decision trees both creation and delivery client side.

Total Control of Presentation

Because delivery is in standard HTML, you can easily change the presentation of how the questions appear using standard HTML and CSS.

You can also use standard HTML to include images, video, graphics and links to other web pages as part of an explanation to a question or conclusion.

Peripheral Troubleshooting Screen.png

Document Generation

HTML Generated Document (1).png

At the end of the session, you can invoke the VisiRule Document Generator to generate a document instance using a document template that you have provided and the user's answers plus any calculated values.

The VisiRule decision tree flowchart software can help create the right document and select the right clauses to use.

Inspecting RunTime Execution

You can switch on the VRJS inspector to show some of what is going on under the hood in terms of the current state of dynamic stack of question, answers and calculations that VisiRule maintains.

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