Intelligent Chatbots

Conversation agents, or chatbots, are software programs designed to interact with a human user in a natural language manner (using typed or verbalized inputs).


VisiRule charts can be deployed as web apps or Intelligent ChatBots.

VisiRule combines decision tree expert systems with NLP capability to support context-based reasoning and interaction.

Explanations are supported by a wide range of interlocutors.

Use knowledge to create new intelligent products and services

VisiRule is an AI-powered software package which enables business professionals to design and deliver intelligent expert systems visually.


AI Expert Systems can be delivered on the web as forms or as conversations.

VisiRule provides various NLP utilities to help match and reply to user input.

Exploit your Data

You can use historical data to produce a decision tree which in turn generates your VisiRule chart.

Machine Learning provides a powerful way of building structured interrogations with the option to add-in explanations and external links.

ChatBot Delivery

GermanCredit Expert ChatBot

You can deploy your VisiRule chart or Flex program as a chatbot and enable to user to enter questions, answers, directives which can give them more control over the interview process. 


You can add in explanations and hooks to FAQs and KBs.

Draw your Knowledge

You can create decision trees to drive your bot by dropping boxes, such as questions, on to the canvass, editing their contents and linking them together to form a structured diagram similar to a decision tree.

This decision tree defines the conversational flow and any associated computation.

Picture of VisiRule365

Multi-Response Questions

Picture of VisiRule ChatBot

Some questions present a list of available options and allow the user to select more than one item.

These answers are returned as a set and VisiRule offers a comprehensive collection of set operation operators such as includes, equals etc.

Export Charts

You can export you charts in a variety of formats such as SVG, PNG, JPEG and then use them in other documents or processes.

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