Intelligent ChatBots

Conversational AI ChatBots, are software programs designed to respond in a natural and intelligent manner (using typed or spoken inputs). VisiRule combines decision tree flowchart logic with FAQ KBs and NLP code to develop and deliver intelligent agents.


The questions and answer options stored in the VisiRule chart are presented to the user one at a time; where each selection by the user determines the next action by the bot. VisiRule charts define scripts which direct the conversation flow (or dialog trees). In addition, NLP can be used to respond in a helpful to a wide range of user queries.

This combination of VisiRule decision tree logic, rules-based expert systems and text processing is a solid basis for Intelligent ChatBots.


Deliver Conversatonal AI ChatBots

VisiRule ChatBot Arabic Json.PNG

You can design and organize the questions for your chatbot using decision tree logic. VisiRule will present the questions one at a time as users traverse the decision tree. In effect, VisiRule generates the chatbot script from the diagram.


You can allow users to enter directives, questions and almost anything to give them more control over the interaction. All input is handled by VisiRule's powerful NLP text processing.

VisiRule can work with multiple languages.

How to Provide AI LawBots

The role of LawBots and legal chatbots is emerging as a key area when considering the role of AI in Law Firms. Common but tricky legal questions can be addressed using a suitably structured set of questions and answers. Legal documents can be generated at the end.


The goal-directed sequence of questions and answers can guide people to the correct decision and provide a justification derived from the audit trail of the conversation. This helps explain the reasoning behind the advice.

NHS Employment ChatBot with Explanation

How to Design Logical ChatBots

Regulated Expert System LawBot.png

VisiRule diagrams define a decision tree flowchart which helps determine the conversation flow. This logic flow guides the user down one of the many pre-determined paths, a bit like a dialogue or conversation tree in role-playing video games.

By interleaving this directed question and answer logic with free form user text input, VisiRule provides a responsive and helpful experience. VisiRule includes NLP text functions to scan and match user input.

Exploit Machine Learning Rules

You can use VisiRule FastChart to use historical data to produce a decision tree which, in turn, generates your VisiRule chart which in turn creates and drives your ChatBot.

Machine Learning provides a powerful way of building structured interrogations. VisiRule allows you to add-in explanations and external links.

Explaining ChatBots

Boost Online Sales with Recommendation ChatBots


By dipping into the rules-based sub-system which underpins VisiRule, you can provide an intelligent hybrid recommender system.


You can combine your VisiRule ChatBot with the recommendation engine. Then your chatbot can suggest suitable products and product configurations to prospects and customers.

By offering suitable recommendations in a natural and intuitive way, you can boost your online sales with no extra headcount.

What are the Benefits of ChatBots?


Availability: ChatBots don’t sleep or get sick. They just live on all your platforms and answer queries even when your people are sick or all away.

Performance: You need not hire more staff to address more queries. ChatBots are easily to replicate using cloud based servers. This allows you to address more prospects and convert more of them into customers.

Analytics: Every session is logged and you can aggregate sessions to better analyse what is going on with your visitors, who they are, what they want.

Reduced Costs: Apart from the initial investment and ongoing server costs, you have a fixed cost solution.

Improved Customer Service: ChatBots are versatile, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Your customers and prospects can obtain information and product specific help when they want to, not when it suits you!

Model Expert Reasoning

Four Quardrants Expert System ChatBots

VisiRule is an AI-powered Expert System Software package which enables business professionals to rapidly design and deliver intelligent systems visually.


Dynamic explanations are supported by a wide range of interlocutors such as Why? How? What?. VisiRule supplies a basic UI to present the various question types and explanations. You can readily adapt and extend this.

Create Conversation Flows

You can create the decision tree flowchart logic which drives your AI ChatBot conversation using the VisiRule Author drag 'n drop visual editor. You simply drop boxes, such as questions, on to the canvas, edit their contents and link them together to form a decision graph.

Intelligent Decision Tree ChatBot

Exploit Multi-Choice Questions

Intelligent AI Rules-based ChatBot

Multi-choice questions present a list of available options and allow the user to select more than one item.

These answers are returned as a set and VisiRule offers a comprehensive collection of set operation operators to help process the potentially very large number of combinations which can arise.

Export & Share ChatBot Flow Charts

You can export your chatbot decision tree flowcharts in a variety of visual formats such as SVG, PNG, JPEG and share then with others and/or use them in other documents or processes.

Expert LawBot ChatBot Flow Chart

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