VisiRule AutoAudit

Automated Testing Harness

VisiRule AutoAudit is an automated testing harness which allows you to test and validate the logic in your charts.


In its simplest mode, you can, with a single click, generate and run a set of test data which creates a file of results that you can view in, say, Excel, and an output log which gives insight into how each answer was reached.

In its more advanced mode, you can also manually edit the test data, compose and use different test data files, customize the content of the output logs, and even compare result files to see if what effect, if any, your edits have had.

Simple Mode

Single Click

A single click with export the chart into an executable format, generate a test data file containing multiple records or rows of data, and exeute them one by one.


Advanced Mode

Setting up the Data

You can determine how many cases you want in the generate test data.


Preparing the Data

You can edit the data, in say Excel, to focus on specific ranges of values that are of concern.


Executing the Data

You can select a named test data file to use -- could be one you've created manually.


Comparing Results

You can nominate 2 sets of results to compare for any divergence.


Spotting the Difference

AutoAudit will compare the results across the 2 sets of result files and report on any divergence.