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VisiRule Overview

Deliver Innovative Solutions using AI

VisiRule combines a visual modelling tool with a business rules engine and document generator. This allows businesses to capture and deploy expertise and know-how within their company and build self-service intelligent applications for their staff and clients.

A VisiRule chart will create questions for users to answer which when answered will generates advice, recommendations and documents. The whole process is logged.The log files can be analysed to provide insight into who is using the solutions and what results are being delivered.

VisiRule Overview Interactive.png

Draw Your Knowledge

You simply draw your knowledge by placing boxes, then edit the text and link them using click 'n drag.


You can immediately test the logic to see how it behaves, move nodes around, edit values and retest until you are happy. VisiRule is ideal software for decision tree construction and delivery.

Session Transcript

Expert System Session Transcript

Generate Documents

VisiRule contains a powerful automated document generation system which combines the answers given with a database of text fragments to populate a document template and create a personalised document instance.

Create Reports

Use the answers and any associated computations to create reports.

Ask the Questions

Publish your chart by uploading it to the web and VisiRule Publisher will build an interactive multi-page web questionnaire where answers to one set of questions are used to compute the next set .

Guide the User

To help guide users, VisiRule presents a map which shows the current question, and both past and future ones. 

Alternatively, you can deliver your charts as Intelligent Logical Chatbots.

Simple VisiRule Expert System Chart
VisiRule expert systems question page
Insurance Expert System Generated Report
Legal Document generated by Expert Systems Session

The questions and answers form a session transcript which can be integrated with help desks and ticketing systems.

Exploit knowledge to create intelligent products and services


VisiRule is an AI-powered software package which enables business professionals to design and deliver intelligent expert systems visually. AI Expert Systems are innovative software solutions which mimic the reasoning of human experts to solve problems. 


VisiRule provides a dedicated diagramming tool to extract, define and evaluate expert rules, whether  from data-driven Machine Learning algorithms or from human experts or both; a true AI Centaur.

Logic Programming Associates Ltd

VisiRule is made by Logic Programming Associates Ltd (LPA), a well-established AI supplier (founded 1981). LPA has been developing and delivering commercial rule-based solutions and expert systems applications for various clients in various sectors. LPA was recognized as an innovator in AI by CV Magazine​.

Multiple Industry Use

VisiRule works across a wide range of industries such as legal, medical, insurance, and in application areas such as diagnostics, advice generation, compliance regulation, proposal configuration, and decision support systems.

VisiRule combines Artificial Intelligence software with visual flowcharting to provide a powerful and complete decision support knowledge management tool.

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