LPA Customer Applications

LPA produces and sells a wide range of AI software development tools.

LPA flagship product is VisiRule. Since 1981 when LPA was formed, LPA engineers have advised and consulted on numerous AI projects.


This page details just a few of our customers stories; unfortunately, not all our customers are able to talk about their work in public..

LPA Customer Application Stories

Umsatzsteuer Rechnungsausstellung 

TPA Steuerberatung has developed an innovative tool together with LexisNexis that offers advice in the highly complex area of ​​sales tax. 

The Lexis tool sales tax is a digital assistant for sales tax questions or individual invoice issues on the incoming and outgoing side. It makes the daily work easier for tax consultants and lawyers: Using a decision tree, the tool chooses the right branch depending on the answers and adapts its follow-up questions accordingly. With the tool, the legal assessment is correct right from the start and later problems in tax audits or accusations of financial criminal law can be avoided.

You can try out the tool for free here.


ErbRechner (Lexis Nexis Austria)

ErbRechner is an inheritance calculation tool for lawyers. Key questions, such as wothiness/unworthiness, can only be answered by a professional. The lawyer can record all assets, liabilities, estate, donations and all the heirs, and the application will calculate the inherited and compulsory portions for all heirs both as quotas and the actual amount.

You can read all about ErbRechner here!.

ErbRechner Data Screen
ErbRechner Screen

Lexis Tools


Lexis Nexis Austria have used VisiRule to produce a family of smart legal advisors. You can explore them all here.

The Geschäftsfähigkeit tool is aimed at lawyers, and guides users using over 50 questions through all the many regulations and exceptions so as to provide specific answers as to whether or not a dubious legal transaction (in terms of age or decision-making ability) is effective.

You can go try out Geschaeftsfaehigkeit here!

Tax Expert System Demo


LPA/VisiRule is part of the EMDS.. 


The Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) system is a state-of-the-art modeling framework that supports environmental decision analysis and planning. EMDS integrates the latest technology from geographic information systems (GIS) as well as logic-based reasoning and a variety of modeling technologies. This provides explicit, practical decision support for strategic and tactical planning as well as adaptive management. Because EMDS is a generic solution framework, it can be applied to an extremely broad array of problems at virtually all spatial scales.

EMDS Overview


Precision medicine (PM) is changing the nature and scope of allergy diagnosis and treatment. The advent of low-cost widely available allergen array tests has boosted the need for the expert interpretation of the various markers. AllerGenius is an expert system for the interpretation of allergen arrays.

AllerGenius allows allergists to access the most current and specialist interpretation of allergen arrays. Less skilled allergists can benefit from modern technology associated with a complete and dedicated interpretation system. 

AllerGenius, with its hundreds of rules, can sort allergens and components according to different families, identify the risk, verifying the consistency of the laboratory results, verifying whether the IgE profile is consistent with the patient’s clinic and, if required by the physician, AllerGenius can give first line therapeutic indications based on international guidelines.

You can access the expert reports which are generated in multiple European languages including English, Italian, Russian, Croatian and German.

      In my many years of software development, this is the first time that things were better than expected! Working with the LPA team of engineers and its software has been a pleasure. They have managed not to just to meet my current needs but anticipate most of my future requirements. As such, the core software infra-structure for AllerGenius has remained intact and largely untouched for several years and through several incarnations of the product.

Giovanni Melioli, MD Phenomix Ltd Genova, Italy


PALTESTER is a desktop software application from ESROE developed using LPA Prolog that enables the analysis of the identification performance of an automatic Radar ESM system. It was created to provide military analysts with tools to analyse the identification performance of ESROE’s THORONDIR emitter identification software used in operational Radar ESM systems.

Paltester screen
rent form specification
library specification model


Created for software developers, Specify4IT is a brand new software product for rigorously specifying a large variety of different information systems projects. It delivers much greater accuracy than any existing products, is compatible with most commercial software, is easy to use and suits a wide range of project types.

Software houses are the primary target market, Specify4IT allows them to specify client projects more effectively and then to deliver them more quickly with less manpower. These advantages allow software developers to obtain immediate and high return on their investment in Specify4IT.


CASSANDRA is a platform developed by KnowGravity in Zurich, Switzerland. It is assistant-based and guides the users through their tasks in business, systems and software engineering. It analyses project data from many familiar UML®-based CASE tools, generates the appropriate questions or proposes the next steps in order to move the process forward.

By turning UML models into precise xUML models (Executable UML), it becomes possible to define an environment in which such implementation-independent analysis models can be executed without considering technical details of the target platform. 

Cassandra Control Panel
Cassandra Interlocking

HOOF National Hunt Race Ratings are designed as a statistics-grounded value approach to horse racing over jumps in the UK. Unlike conventional race ratings, they offer the backer an authoritative guide to both form and value. The program which generates the ratings uses an implementation of Bayes’ theorem written in LPA Prolog to calculate each horse’s chance of winning. The resulting figures are then recalculated to give an edge in the backer’s favour. Hence the acronym: Horserace Optimum Odds Forecast.

"The power of Prolog lies not so much in the fact that it is a language originally designed for artificial intelligence applications, but that it is a language that enables us to interactively communicate with a computer in order to explore innovative ideas in domains such as engineering and/or philosophy. Prolog gives us the ability to focus on the essence of the problem to be solved (instead of dealing with technical implementation details) and allows us to quickly and iteratively create functional prototypes that verify the validity of new ideas. Furthermore, LPA's Prolog implementation offers more mundane programming aspects such as deep operating system integration, application embeddability and support of today's Web technologies to give us the opportunity to quickly turn promising prototypes into practical solutions suitable for day-to-day use."


InFlow is a leading Social Network Analysis tool from OrgNet which performs network analysis AND network visualization in one integrated product -- no passing files back and forth between different programs like other tools.


What is mapped in one window is measured in the other window -- what you see, is what you measure. InFlow excels at what-if analysis -- change the network, get new metrics -- just 2 clicks of the mouse. You do not need to be an expert in statistics to use InFlow.

InFlow SNA Picture

InFlow & Transmission Network Analysis (TNA)


You can read how InFlow has been used to model network transmission for contagious diseases. Transmission Network Analysis (TNA) is best applied early in an outbreak before a mass outbreak sets in to a local area. Tracking the early cases provides great insight into how, when, and where the contagion is spreading. Data collection is difficult but always proves worthy to the understanding and management of the outbreak.

InFlow and TNA
Trump SNA