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This page contains various legal expert systems demos.


Legal Knowledge Automation

Legal knowledge is well suited to VisiRule's mode of self-publishing and the provision of self-service tools.

VisiRule offers a unique way for lawyers to capture and keep current their legal expertise in an online rules based legal advice system without the need for programmers.


VisiRule enables lawyers, legal experts and legal knowledge engineers to author and publish charts themselves in the form of interactive applications. No programming skills required! The introduction of technical engineers often inhibits innovation and takes away control from the legal experts.


Questionnaire Generation

VisiRule builds the questionnaire directly from the chart itself. Unlike most other systems, VisiRule eliminates the need for a programmer to code the lawyer’s expertise into incomprehensible “computer gobblygook” - both initially and, perhaps even more importantly, to keep the online advice current as the law and the responsible lawyer change.

Visual diagrams offer a very effective way of representing and communicating how legal knowledge is to be interpreted and implemented. VisiRule charts provide a familiar and structured way to organize legal knowledge. This means legal expertise can be shared internally and externally with a wide audience in an executable way. It can also serve to educate them.

It is important that legal reasoning be applied consistently, and in an accountable and verifiable way. That is exactly what legal automation, as facilitated by VisiRule, does do. Given the same set of answers, VisiRule will always produce the same set of recommendations and documents, every time. Each VisiRule session can be recorded and stored in a database for future use, as can any generated advice, document or guidance. All answers and any information gathered can be passed on to other legal processes.


Automatic Generation of Legal Expert Systems Demos

The legal expert systems demos on this page are all generated automatically from their respective VisiRule decision tree flowcharts.


Where the demo is based on an existing flowchart or decision tree diagram, that VisiRule chart can be arranged as per the original diagram. One of VisiRule's features is that it allows the author to determine the precise layout of a chart. Some of the charts populate a suitably tagged template on completion so as to generate an automated document. Others just generate a standard report of questions used, answers given, values computed.


Combining Legal Expert Systems with other Processes

Some of the VisiRule legal expert systems demos on this page also show how legal expert systems can be used in conjunction with other legal processes such as letter writing, legal document automation, legal advice generation, contract generation and case law search.


VisiRule applications can provide AI-based assistance for many legal tasks, both internal and external. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDAs are a vital tool in protecting commercial secrets and enabling innovative companies to work with others whilst protecting their own IP.

In this demo, the user's answers plus associated text fragments are used to populate an XML template to generate a customized NDA. The text fragments are stored in a database of available clauses, and selected using logic based on the given answers.

The demo allows the user to provide new items and associated text for incorporation within the NDA.

Controlled Waste Activities

Do you need a Licence, Permit or Certificate of Registration?

You may be unclear as to whether you need a waste licence, waste facility permit, a certificate of registration or whether you are exempt from all of these authorisations. In order to help you decide the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has prepared flow charts to help determine which authorisation is required. This legal expert system is based on those charts.


Should you appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

This decision tree will help you determine whether your business needs to appoint a DPO under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force May 2018.

Please see the DPO Network Europe DPO FAQs web page for general information on this mandatory requirement.

Medical Eligibility

This tool helps program staff assess whether a client may be eligible for Marketplace or Medicaid health coverage, depending on the client’s current coverage, income and citizenship status. It also describes the continuing role of RWHAP services.

Staff assisting clients with enrolment can use this tool to prepare for a client visit or during a visit to help determine their client’s eligibility for insurance.

See Medical Eligibility PDF​

Redundancy and Deductions

This example establishes whether the deductions an employer has made are allowed.


This expert system asks various questions and uses statement boxes to calculate various values. These are used to direct a search of the relevant Case Law.

The %age matches are dynamically computed as the session progresses based on the questions visited.

Leave Entitlement and Notice

This example establishes what kind of leave entitlement is due to an employee based on their employment status, and also checks that the correct Notice period has been given.


This expert system also infers values which are used to direct a search of the relevant Case Law.

The %age matches are dynamically computed as the session progresses based on the questions visited.

NHS Employment Check

Not all NHS staff will be eligible for criminal record and barring checks. At the point of advertising a position, employers must make an assessment against the roles, activities and responsibilities of the particular position to determine eligibility.

HIPAA: Are you a business associate?

This decision tree will help you determine if an entity is a “business associate” under HIPAA, as defined in 45 CFR § 160.103

Can I Patent it?

Got a fantastic invention? Wondering whether or not it’s worth filing a patent application for it? Then definitely don’t pay any attention whatsoever to this flowchart, and go and get some proper advice from somewhere…

IPcopy is an intellectual property related news site covering a wide variety of IP related news and issues. Please see their website for more information.

Immigration Pathways

There are the many pathways and roadblocks to lawful immigration:

How to get a green card.


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