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VisiRule for Automated Legal Knowledge Services 

Intelligent Case Law Search

VisiRule is able to combine the interactive asking of legal questions with the keyword directed search of relevant case law. As more answers are provided by the operator or user, the system is able to infer more about the context of the current situation and pass this onto the case law retrieval component.

Combining Case Law Search and Retrieval

Expert System for Wage Deduction
AI in Law Firms - Intelligent CaseLaw Search

VisiRule can be combined with other processes such as Case Law retrieval. This uses:

  • Expert System
    The VisiRule chart contains named questions, answers and statements with associated positive and negative keywords. As a session unfolds, the triggered keywords are accumulated and passed using a hidden field

  • Case Law Search Engine
    VisiRule provides a basic search engine which can analyse Case Law documents, extract headings and generate a database of indices. Then, given a set of keywords, it will compute a percentage match for each relevant document.


  • REST-based co-ordination
    The pair are co-ordinated using JavaScript, Json and REST so that as the next question is asked, the keyword list for the search is updated accordingly. The output from the search engine is written back into the next question page.


VisiRule Author is a dedicated diagramming tool to draw and test charts


VisiRule Publisher compiles the chart to create a questionnaire with code


VisiRule Server executes each question page + the associated rules to compute the following page


VisiRule generates a conclusion + reports, documents & outputs using the answers given

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