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VisiRule combines the very best of decision trees, convergence and flowcharts into one easy-to-use Low-Code No-Code software prototyping and automation tool.


VisiRule enables subject matter experts to rapidly build and test intelligent advice and troubleshooting guides using decision tree flowcharts, and deliver them either as interactive Intelligent ChatBots or as embedded automated Business Rules solutions.

In this way, you can handle those common but non-trivial queries and computations that customers want solving, in a cost-effective way on popular devices anywhere, anytime. You can deliver context-specific advice with recommended actions, scores and explanations plus generated documents.

VisiRule's visual rules authoring allows content creators to capture, test, manage and deploy their expertise visually and to keep current their online advice as regulations, best practice and the people change. VisiRule automatically generates code in the form of executable rules from the diagram. This eliminates the need to encode know-how into some incomprehensible “computer gobbledygook”.


Expert Decision Software

Use VisiRule to:

  • Triage & troubleshoot legal, tax, medical and engineering problems

  • Deliver legal, medical and financial risk assessment with dynamic scoring and reports

  • Deploy Intelligent ChatBots which can make personalised recommendations

  • Provide self-service prescriptive analytics across all devices

  • Increase sales via online sales configuration and quotation solutions

  • Combine legal reasoning and contract analytics for intelligent contract review

Simplify Complexity with VisiRule


VisiRule's visual editor is easy-to-use and enables the rapid creation and testing of business systems with minimal training required.


VisiRule helps you create decision models as it knows which nodes and links are appropriate and when. Smart, because end users will only be asked those questions relevant to their context.


VisiRule lets you draw, compile and run your logic charts instantly. This allows for rapid prototyping plus incremental development.


VisiRule combines lean AI technology with modern cloud-based servers & containers to provide a scalable and affordable solution.

Easy to Create

Programming via Flow Charts

VisiRule is a visual tool which combines smart diagramming, AI reasoning, complex calculations and document automation. Like Visio and MindMap, you simply draw a model, but one you can execute in active applications.

Visual Knowledge

Visual knowledge is much easier to understand, validate and maintain than text. VisiRule’s programming via flow charting permits rapid prototyping and supports the accurate capture and shared understanding of knowledge.

Low-Code No-Code Development

VisiRule is an intuitive Low-Code No-Code tool. You can learn how to draw decision models in minutes. Read about No Code and Lawyers here.


Easy to Report

VisiRule includes a powerful document generation engine to automate document output in various formats such as text, PDF, XML, HTML and RTF. 

By associating suitably tagged document templates, i.e. boilerplates, VisiRule can produce high-quality documents using the answers gathered in the session. Not limited to inserting simple values, VisiRule can combine complex logic with conditional text selection and insertion.​

Easy to Deploy

JavaScript XML Delivery

Charts can also be delivered client-side using XML and a dedicated JavaScript engine to ask the questions and collate the answers. Users can even revisit and re-answer questions in a highly responsive and convenient way.

Custom HTML Presentation

Questions can be presented in house-style simply by editing the CSS style sheets associated with the various assets, brands and icons. 

Put your brand in their pocket! 


Automated Delivery

VisiRule automatically constructs and evaluates the questionnaire, the Business Rules and calculations directly from the chart itself.

Connected & Embedded Delivery

VisiRule can be be delivered using interactive forms and/or via embedded, connected services using REST and JSON.


Easy to Share

VisiRule provides a clear, visual way of representing decision logic - one that business users can understand.​ 


Expertise can be shared across a wide group to help form a consensus. Afterall, a picture is worth 1,000 words. 


VisiRule's advanced code generation capability allows the model to be immediately executed and tested. All the knowledge contained within a chart can be exported as a picture to help document the process.

VisiRule Author icon


VisiRule Author is a dedicated diagramming tool to draw and test charts

VisiRule Publish Icon


VisiRule Publisher compiles the chart to create a questionnaire with code

VisiRule Execute icon


VisiRule Server executes each question page + the associated rules to compute the following page

VisiRule Generate icon


VisiRule generates a conclusion + reports, documents & outputs using the answers given


Easy to Explain

Justify Reasoning

Explainable AI means a solution can explain itself. Each visitor's execution path can be explained in terms of HOW, WHAT and WHY. Contrast this to neural nets which are black boxes and can NOT explain their reasoning.

Export Answers

User sessions, including all answers, calculations and conclusions, are logged and can be distributed via email or pushed into a database.

Audit Knowledge

VisiRule includes a Truth Table Generator which enumerates all possible paths to provide an audit of the knowledge in the chart.

Easy to Maintain


As your chart gets used and the legal or business context changes, you can amend, revise and enhance its logic, and so ensure that it is up-to-date.


You can use VisiRule Analytics to help understand how a chart is being used and adapt it to the changing environment in which it operates.

Knowledge is Precious

VisiRule can help your company capture and retain valuable knowledge which can be shared via XML or as pictures.


Four Quadrants of Reasoning

Knowledge can come from historical data using Machine Learning, or from human experts or both. VisiRule FastChart enables VisiRule to access predictive models to create an initial chart. Read how the Titanic dataset was used in such a way.

VisiRule decision tree flow charts can be delivered interactively or data-driven. In hybrid delivery mode, some questions are asked, and others answered using existing data, web services or IoT streams.

Expert Systems Software Technology


Multi-Layered Architecture

VisiRule is flagship of a Low-Code No-Code No-Cliff AI platform comprising:

  • Flex - a Low-Code, expert system software tool 

  • Prolog - a powerful No-Cliff AI programming language.


Flex Expert Systems Software

VisiRule generates code in terms of Flex, LPA's powerful rules-based expert system shell toolkit which supports both forwards and backward chaining rules with an English-like Knowledge Specification Language (KSL).


LPA Prolog

Prolog is a well proven AI programming language with pattern matching and logical inference. Prolog provides a robust foundation for the LPA stack. The LPA implementation includes a dedicated string datatype which provides the basis a comprehensive suite of NLU/NLP functions.

Logic Programming Associates

Logic Programming Associates Ltd (LPA) is a highly respected UK software company working in the area of AI and commercial rule-based and expert system software solutions since 1981. Coming up to 40 years in applied AI!


Low-Code and No-Code development platforms promise to help professional and non-professional developers alike create applications with greater efficiency, thus, increasing productivity.


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