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Making the Complex Easy with VisiRule

Empower People with Expert Knowledge

VisiRule is a versatile software package which enables business professionals to capture, model and deliver expert knowledge as executable applications.

VisiRule is very easy-to-use and yet can still handle arbitrary complexity.

In VisiRule, you draw your charts visually, and with a single click, can turn them into interactive troubleshooting guides delivered as HTML apps or export the logic as XML

VisiRule generates executable code directly from the diagram. You create models using visual rules authoring which you can instantly test. This eliminates the need to encode expert know-how as “computer gobbledygook”. 


VisiRule combines the very best of AI Expert Systems, Business Rules Engine solutions, rapid prototyping, decision tree flow charts and document generation.

Let VisiRule handle those common but non-trivial problems and queries that bother your customers and staff in a consistent and cost-effective way.

What can I do with VisiRule?

VisiRule is a powerful tool which can be used in many ways and across many sectors

  • Design and deliver bespoke problem-specific advice on legal, tax, and medical questions

  • Help train new staff and ensure legal compliance by using legal chatbots

  • Produce configurable risk assessment questionnaires with dynamic scoring and reports

  • Diagnose problems and repair faults using self-service troubleshooting flowcharts

  • Increase sales via online sales configuration and quotation solutions

  • Create interactive guided product tours with videos, images and conditional logic flows

While industry tends to concentrate on using VisiRule for break/fix question and answer decision tree systems, academics have used VisiRule much more broadly. Access our collection of advanced VisiRule solution papers on the VisiRule web-site.

Build Solutions Quickly & Economically

Rapid Prototyping Report
VisiRule interactive questionnaire
VisiRule chatbot

Easy-to-use Rapid Prototyping Software

You can quickly create and immediately test your business logic with minimal training. This enables rapid prototyping of solutions.

Incremental Iterative Prototyping

VisiRule supports the iterative enhancement of software prototyping via incremental improvement and refinement. You can get solutions up and running quickly.

Test & Validate

VisiRule AutoAudit enables charts to be executed thousands of times using test data you can ensure they behave as intended.

Flat Fee Pricing

Pricing is decent and not dependant on number of user sessions.

Deploy Solutions Anywhere

One Representation - Multiple Delivery Options

The logic in the chart is independent of how it is presented. The same chart can be delivered in different ways across multiple channels.

Online Web Server Delivery

Charts can be published server-side using web forms to present the questions, accessing corporate resources and web services.

Offline Mobile Delivery

Charts can be delivered offline client-side as HTML/XML using the dedicated JavaScript rules engine to ask the questions and evaluate the answers.

Connected & Embedded Delivery

Charts can be delivered as embedded Business Rules as a REST service or as intelligent logical chatbots. You can switch questions to use external data.

VisiRule expert system with intelligent search
Regulatory Expert Systems Demo

Turn Your Experts into Meta-Experts

software for decision tree flowchart immigration

Knowledge is Precious

Experts are people who know things, like how to fix appliances or implement processes. Experts don't necessarily know what they know, let alone how they know it. Meta-experts are experts who know how they know things. By supporting the incremental exploration and direct execution of knowledge, VisiRule helps experts become meta-experts

Diagramming Expert Knowledge

Diagrams provides a clear way of representing decision logic - one that business users can immediately access and understand.​ Expertise can be shared visually to help form a consensus. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Expert System Technology

Expert systems have been closely associated with Artificial Intelligence since the 1980s. AI Expert Systems allow you to capture and deploy human knowledge which can advise and help  users in a way an expert would. VisiRule helps you capture, validate and reuse valuable knowledge and make it available to customers and colleagues on a self-service basis.

Low Code No Code Development

Programming via Flow Charts

VisiRule’s 'programming via flow charting' permits the rapid prototyping and capture of knowledge. Like Visio and MindMap, you draw a model, but one you can execute instantly. Read an article about No Code and Lawyers here.

Low-Code No-Code Development

VisiRule supports Low-code programming via algorithms, code and scripts. VisiRule is a powerful Low-Code No-Code tool. VisiRule includes a code generator which enables models to be immediately executed and tested.

Logical Framework

VisiRule is a multi-layered toolset steeped in logic and utilses the underlying logic framework and rules engine to validate and verify the content of charts.

legal chatbot  powered by VisiRule

Document Automation

Document Assembly with VisiRule

Generate Legal Documents

VisiRule includes a powerful document generation engine to automate the generation of multiple documents in multiple formats including text, PDF, XML, HTML and RTF. 

Dynamic Text Selection & Insertion

By associating suitably tagged document templates, i.e. boilerplates, you can produce high-quality documents using the answers gathered in the session. Not limited to inserting simple values, you can apply complex logic to text selection and insertion.​

Knowledge Validation and Maintenance

Automated Testing and Regression Testing

VisiRule AutoAudit is a complete test harness which allows charts to be validated by executing test data in batch mode. Results for different versions of a chart can be compared for regression testing purposes.

Examine your Knowledge

VisiRule includes a Truth Table Generator to show the effect of your logic.


VisiRule Analytics shows how a chart is used and when. You can use this analysis to help you update and improve the chart.

Scalable & Affordable Delivery

VisiRule combines lean AI technology with modern cloud-based delivery plus server free options to provide a scalable and cost-effective solution.

VisiRule Multi-Tiered Toolset.jpg

Explain Automated Reasoning

fever expert system decision tree

Justify your Reasoning

It's important that a system can explain its reasoning. Each visitor's execution path can be explained in terms of HOW, WHAT and WHY. Contrast this to neural nets which are black boxes and can NOT explain their results.

Conclusions derived from Users' Answers

User sessions, including all answers, calculations and conclusions, are logged and can be distributed via email or pushed into a database.

Visual Explanations

You can instantly include images to help explain questions.

Explore VisiRule - Try Out a Demo Today!

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