Browser-based Visual Authoring

VisiRule365 brings the power of VisiRule authoring to the browser --- no additional software required.

Web-based or browser-based software is software you use over the internet with a web browser.

No need to install anything, download any software, or worry about upgrades.

VisiRule365 allows authors to draw charts and click to deliver expert system sessions on the web.


So, for instance, a tax specialist can draw a chart to determine if any tax is due and how much is to be paid, and then offer this as a service to other advisors, businesses or consumers.

A legal advisor can draw a chart to advise on some entitlement and show how to apply for it correctly.

All from within your browser!

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Draw Your Knowledge

Simply draw your knowledge by placing boxes, edit their contents and link them together.


You can clone elements to speed up drawing.

VisiRule365 expert system settings

Custom Appearance

You can use options on the settings pane to determine how any specific object is presented visually.

This gives you maximum control over the way your chart looks.

Full Canvas

VisiRule365 includes many tools for styling the visual presentations of nodes, lines, text.

This ensures you can design your chart to look just right. 

VisiRule365 Canvass
VisiRule Expert System Chart Medical

One Click Publishing

When you are ready to publish, a single click is all that's required for  your chart to become accessible by your clients and colleagues alike

Complex Charts

You can have as many nodes and links as you like. There are no preset limits as to how complex a chart can be.

Exploit knowledge to create intelligent products and services

VisiRule is an AI-powered software package which enables business professionals to design and deliver intelligent expert systems visually. AI Expert Systems are applications which mimic the reasoning of human experts to solve problems. VisiRule provides a dedicated diagramming tool to extract, define and evaluate expert rules, whether  from data-driven Machine Learning algorithms or from human experts or both; a true AI Centaur.

Export Charts

You can export charts in a variety of formats such as SVG, PNG, JPEG and use them in other documents or processes.

Logic Programming Associates

VisiRule365 is an integral part of the VisiRule toolset from LPA, Logic Programming Associates Ltd (LPA). LPA is a well-established AI supplier and has been developing AI solutions for over 37 years​.

Trans-Industry Use

VisiRule works across many industries including legal, tax, finance, medical, insurance and many more.


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