Exploit Machine Learning using VisiRule FastChart

VisiRule FastChart enables authors to start a VisiRule by using historical data.

Historical data often contains hidden trends and patterns. VisiRule FastChart can exploit machine learning algorithms to generate an initial VisiRule chart. Once exposed as a VisiRule chart, the logic can be executed, reviewed and refined, and deployed as an expert system.

Induce Your Rules

You can use existing machine learning tools and packages to generate a decision tree.

This tree is then exported as PMML.


Import Tree Data

VisiRule FastChart will import your decision tree and convert it into a form which VisiRule can use.

VisiRule FastChart will identify the rules contained in the PMML decision tree and transform them into an internal format.

Imported Tree

VisiRule will rebuild a visual tree based on the imported data.


VisiRule Chart

Using the tree view, VisiRule FastChart will then create a brand new VisiRule chart - just as if you had drawn it.

Complex Charts

You can then extend, adapt your initial chart as you wish, combine it with other questions and logic or attach explanations and additional computations.

Expert ChatBot
Fever chatbot

ChatBot Delivery

Once you have your VisiRule chart, you can deliver as a web-based expert system, or as an interactive chatbot