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LPA regularly presents its AI Expert Systems technology at public events. These events provide a great opportunity for you to meet us in person, and us to meet you!. In recent times, these events have all been virtual, which isn't quite the same, but hopefully, soon we will see things open up again. Here are some items which cover some of news and events involving LPA.




November 2019

Clive Spenser speaking in Austria

LPA present VisiRule at LegalTech Conference in Vienna

LPA was part of the UK LegalTech Mission to Austria, organised by the Department for International Trade and Scottish Development International. 

The event was part of LegalTech Konferenz 2019, a premium legal tech event now in its third year and which attracted 350 law firms and legal counsels. DIT Austria had a stand at the event, with 9 innovative UK legal tech companies, including LPA who presented VisiRule.

LexisNexis Austria were also present and presented various new exciting products some of which were built using VisiRule.


Spain and Portugal
October 2019

Clive Spenser presenting VisiRule in Madrid

LPA present VisiRule in SPAIN and PORTUGAL

LPA was part of the recent UK LegalTech Mission to Spain and Portugal organised by the Department for International Trade (DIT) teams at the British Embassy in Madrid and the British Embassy in Lisbon.

The 'Law Firms of the Future' event took place at the British Embassy in Madrid on 1st October with a similar event on 2nd October in Lisbon.

The delegation of 10-12 innovative UK companies presented their LegalTech solutions (to leading law firms), including LPA who presented VisiRule.


August 2019

LegalTech Summer School

LPA participate in LTSS 2019

The Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law, Swansea University, held the first LegalTech Summer School (LTSS), 5-9 August 2019 at the Computational Foundry on the Bay Campus, Swansea, UK.

LTSS 2019 offered the opportunity to learn about the application of Artificial Intelligence concepts and technologies as they apply to law and legal services, which are driving dramatic change in LegalTech. The programme particularly was aimed at legal professionals working in private sector law firms, public sector government offices, and third sector non-profit organisations. The courses and hands on sessions were taught by lecturers from industry and academia. Read here!


Zurich, Switzerland

FlowChart Example

LPA to present VisiRule in Zürich

LPA will be part of the forthcoming UK LegalTech Mission to Switzerland, organised by the Department for International Trade and Scottish Development International. The 2nd LegalTech Mission to Zürich is organised in partnership with the University of St Gallen’s “Fit 4 Legal Tech” programme. It will consist of keynote speeches, and short presentations by the UK legaltechs including LPA.

The expected audience will comprise lawyers or managers working in complex in-house business environments, in law firms or public administrations, who are keen to learn more about how others have employed technology in legal services.

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