Machine Diagnostic Expert System Demos

  This page features some simple machine diagnostic troubleshooting flowchart demos. Many are based on some existing chart found on the internet and then re-entered as a VisiRule chart, typically in less than thirty minutes. Once created, the charts generate a web-based question and answer session using interactive forms. The same charts can also be used to deliver diagnostic advice using intelligent chatbots


Equipment often malfunctions. Fixing it can be relatively cheap once you have found out what the problem actually is. VisiRule charts map well on to the top-down approach taken by engineers. In a similar way to Field Service Engineers and Support Reps, the expert system software asks the most important and general questions first and gradually guides the analysis to a successful problem resolution by asking more situation specific questions.

Once the fault has been diagnosed, VisiRule can make suggestions for how to fix the problem or, in the short term, what compensatory actions can be implemented whilst awaiting a more permanent fix.


Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

There's a well known Chinese saying: "Cure the disease before it has happened". It far more economical to detect an oncoming problem fault in advance and take pre-emptive actions, as opposed to waiting for the thing to break.

Modern technology can enable product knowledge to be commoditized and offered to a wide audience to win new business and secure existing business. Expert system software has been around for many years and provides a rules-based approach to knowledge capture and execution. Diagnostic Expert Systems provide a convenient way of making specialist expert knowledge available to a wide audience. This can greatly enhance your customer support service and be used both internally and externally to capture, retain and make available engineering expertise.

Machine Learning

And, where historical data exists, VisiRule can benefit from Machine Learning techniques to help generate the rules for the chart.

VisiRule can also incorporate pre-existing data such as wiring diagrams and user manuals. In fact, the main difference is that, unlike the human expert, the virtual engineer is always available, 24x7, in any location, and, on any device. This means you can provide a guided, interactive service to assist both your staff, agents, dealers and customers alike. This in turn reduces the strain on your own resources whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

Many of the demos on this page come from Morris Rosenthal and his excellent site at


Other Demos

There are other pages with demos for other sectors such as Legal Reasoning or Finance..

Identify problems with your auto

Features a simple chatbot which can fast track you directly to the critical part of the diagnostic tree based on your input

Troubleshooting BBQ

This example shows an expert system for diagnosing problems with BBQ equipment

Diagnostic flowchart for a car that won't start ...

Troubleshooting flowchart for the starter, spark failure and the fuel pump.

Troubleshooting Boiler

This boiler diagnostic example helps advise what actions to take, if any, in a boiler control system depending on the circumstances. The example uses structured expressions which refer to previously asked question by name. It contains four binary questions and four distinct outcomes.

Do the brakes fail to stop the car?

If you have to step on the brake pedal harder than you want to in order for the brakes to operate normally, the brakes do stop the car. What we're interested in here is when you have to push on the pedal with both feet and the car slowly rolls to a stop rather than locking up the wheels, or when the pedal goes to the floor, won't pump up, and you have to yank the emergency brake or turn the engine off in gear in order to slow it down.


Includes a simple chatbot to fast track you directly to the right part of the diagnostic tree based.

Trouble with one of the peripherals on your PC?

Do you have trouble with one of the peripherals on your PC?


This flow chart diagnostic from IfItJams can help you determine what is going wrong.

Troubleshooting PC Attached Peripherals
Excerpted from Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts Third Edition