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VisiRule is a simple enough system but contains many different components to help in the various stages ranging from design and development stage, to testing and validation, on to UIX and deployment options and finally on to post deployment analytics.

VisiRule is a powerful visual low-code no-code authoring tool which has access to Flex and Prolog. Flex is an expert system rules-language and Prolog and well established AI programming language.


  • VisiRule provides a visual representation of the decision logic flow.

  • Flex provides expert system rules and interaction.

  • Prolog provides list processing, recursion, NLP, data access, maths and text manipulation.


From a process perspective, we can think of:


  1. Knowledge capture and representation development

  2. Knowledge delivery

  3. Output & report generation

  4. Analytics


This corresponds to


  1. Development: The chart’s questions and logic and outcomes are created and tested; various views of the contents of the chart can be explored and shared

  2. Delivery: Execution whereby the questions in the chart are answered via a questionnaire or data feed until the session reaches a conclusion

  3. Results: Conclusions and outcomes are reached by the execution of a chart and various outputs such as reports, documents, advice are generated

  4. Analytics: Sessions are logged and aggregated over time to see if there are any interesting correlations between answers and outcomes across users

Click here to download your VisiRule whitepaper.


HTML/JS Delivery


The VisiRule for JavaScript compiler and JavaScript rules engine encodes the business decision logic within an XML data structure which contains the logical structure of the VisiRule chart. This XML is evaluated locally using a dedicated JavaScript rules engine. This allows for execution in the browser, on mobile devices - indeed anywhere that JavaScript can run. VisiRule charts delivered locally are self-contained and can even be embedded within emails and documents.


Applications delivered as JavaScript can be easily customised, tweaked, enhanced, simply by editing the styles in the CSS style sheet or augmenting the HTML with additional JavaScript code. This greatly simplifies the run-time delivery of charts.

ChatBot Delivery


You can use your VisiRule chart to generate a ChatBot where the logic is asked one question at a time.


The user can enter their own queries at any time which you can handle using the NLP tools in VisiRule. This allows you to respond to any arbitrary text input by the user.

Upload & Publish


You can upload your chart to the web so that it can be published and shared with your colleagues and clients. VisiRule will build an interactive multi-page web questionnaire where answers to one set of questions are used to compute the next set across multiple pages.

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