VisiRule for Automated Legal Knowledge Services 

What are Legal Expert Systems?

Expert System applications replicate the thought processes of subject matter experts. Once deployed, these systems permit the rapid execution of complex logic and the generation of high-quality advice, reports, checklists and legal documents tailored to the specific situation. They can work stand-alone or with other applications. All the answers and derived inferences can be exported and shared with other applications.

Why Automate?

Legal Expert Systems offer a way to automate legal processes. By providing your clients' staff and customers with direct access to your expertise on a self-service basis, you greatly enhance the service your provide them. You can also free your own people from having to deal with those tedious routine cases. The law is well suited to automation. It requires a high degree of consistency and transparency and is well suited to a logic-based treatment.

Use Cases for Legal Expert Systems

VisiRule Expert System solutions can be used in the following areas:

  • Internal: make specialist knowledge and best practices available to colleagues and junior associates on a firm-wide basis

  • Client facing: provide existing corporate clients with greater access to specialist advice and documents at their convenience 24x7

  • Intermediaries: provide expert guidance and specialist advice which can be customized, packaged and branded by third party parties as in B2B2C

  • External B2B: attract new clients via a marketing showcase which offers free access to some smart legal capability without 'eating your own babies'

  • External B2C: provide low-cost but high-quality legal advice to consumers on matters which affect many citizens such as consumer rights, benefit entitlements

Combining Case Law Search and Retrieval

AI in Law Firms - Intelligent CaseLaw Search

VisiRule can be combined with other processes such as Case Law retrieval. This uses:

  • Expert System
    The VisiRule chart contains named questions, answers and statements with associated positive and negative keywords. As a session unfolds, the triggered keywords are accumulated and passed using a hidden field

  • Case Law Search Engine
    VisiRule provides a basic search engine which can analyse Case Law documents, extract headings and generate a database of indices. Then, given a set of keywords, it will compute a percentage match for each relevant document.


  • REST-based co-ordination
    The pair are co-ordinated using JavaScript, Json and REST so that as the next question is asked, the keyword list for the search is updated accordingly. The output from the search engine is written back into the next question page.

VisiRule Author icon


VisiRule Author is a dedicated diagramming tool to draw and test charts

VisiRule Publish Icon


VisiRule Publisher compiles the chart to create a questionnaire with code

VisiRule Execute icon


VisiRule Server executes each question page + the associated rules to compute the following page

VisiRule Generate icon


VisiRule generates a conclusion + reports, documents & outputs using the answers given