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Request your own Free Trial of VisiRule and the complete range of AI expert systems software tools from LPA including other AI products such as Flex and LPA Prolog.


Just complete the following form and indicate for how long you require access to VisiRule, say 30, 60 or 90 days, and what the nature of your investigation or project is.

The more information you can tell us about your application, your problem, your context, your goals, the better. LPA stafff have a lot of experience in applying AI solutions and can help provide references to 3rd party material and technical resources.

Once you have submitted the contact form, LPA will create for you your vey own download.


If you require LPA to sign an NDA, let us know.

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There are various introductory PDFs and PPTs to help get you started. There are also videos and introductory annotated charts. All of these can help you get oing with VisiRule and make good use of your valuable time.


Some of these materials can be found on the Resources page.

If you need any help beyond that, just ask -- we are always willing to help.


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