Automated Document Generation

Automated Document Generation, or Automated Document Assembly, is an extremely important and useful capability, especially in legal and professional services which often result in the creation of a document.

What is Inter and Intra Logic?

Unlike most other document assembly tools, VisiRule enables you to capture and specify the logic between and across documents as well as inside documents. This means you can specify the logic which determines which documents, if any, are required, as well as what data and text goes in them.


Easy to Generate

VisiRule can automate document output in various formats such as text, PDF, XML, HTML and RTF. 

VisiRule can produce bespoke high-quality documents using the answers gathered and calculations computed in the session.


VisiRule can combine complex logic with conditional text selection and insertion.​

Live Preview

The VisiRule document generator is available at any time during the session to generate the document.

This allows you to see a preview of the final document as it is being created page by page, as the answers are entered.

NDA document expert generator

But aren't Legal Documents Unique?

Very few legal documents are completely unique but very few are exactly the same! Rather than try manually copying and pasting from the 'last' previously used version, you can design a document template to outline the contents of the document and then you can use VisiRule to gather the answers needed to populate the template and so generate a document instance. You just need to make sure that you capture all the values that are used in the document.


Questionnaire Driven Document Generation

The convenience for the lawyer or legal client is that rather than have to immerse themselves in Word editing, they can simply answer a web-based set of questions and have that generate a correctly formatted document instance. Every answer and conclusion is recorded and can be analysed later.

How does VisiRule Document Automation Work?

VisiRule Document Automation combines the following:


  1. Expert System Chart
    VisiRule charts generate interactive VisiRule sessions. VisiRule compiles a session record which contains all the given answers to questions and any calculated values. At the end of each session, VisiRule uses this record to populate a Master Document Template, or boilerplate, like Mail-Merge on Steroids

  2. Clause Database
    You can include an optional clause database which contains text fragments to be used. Common clauses and  frequently used paragraphs can be stored and maintained in a separate precedence database and used across multiple templates and documents.

  3. Master Document Template
    A Master Document Template is a document template, or boilerplate, annotated with specific tags. These tags indicate where to insert the user's answers plus any associated text fragments. Tags can also contain conditional logic.


Conditional Logic

You can use conditional logic to evaluate whether or not to include some text. The text for these can be stated explicitly in the template or stored in the Clause Database. This logic can range from a simple test to quite complex logic which refers to more than one question.

Inserting Text

To include the text in the final document you simply quote the text after the test and use the INSERT directive:
IF Applicant = HouseHolder THEN INSERT "You need to check that the house insurance is uprated as per the recommended house inflation index."


Selecting Text to Include

To include the text in the template you simply  use the SELECT directive:

IF Age < 18  AND Applicant = Female THEN SELECT UnderAgeFemaleClause#3

Rest Service

The VisiRule document generator is available as a Rest service which allows you to test out templates independently of the expert systems questionnaire.

This Rest API is accessed using Json and is compatible with, and can be integrated into, many other web services.

VisiRule Document Generator

Automated Document Assembly

Automated document generation is an important part of many legal and non-legal processes. In VisiRule, you can associate more than one template with a chart, have different templates on different branches and potentially generate multiple document instances, reports or contracts.

Whereas standard document generation tools are limited to inserting values into place-holders, or variables, in the document template, VisiRule allows you to include complex logic in conjunction with text selection and insertion.


The VisiRule chart will ask all the relevant and necessary questions, and then use the answers to generate a document instance. This often involves some basic data propagation, say of 'Company Name', or 'Applicant's Age', and can also involve the accessing stored values in external data sources.

Automated Legal Document Generation of XML

Expert Systems Document Generation

Expert Systems provide an excellent way to ask questions using a guided dynamic questionnaire. The answers gathered can be used to populate document templates and create documents such as Letters of Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Tax Reports, or even, complex multi-page and multi-sectioned contracts.

Limitations of Legacy Document Automation

Document Automation has been around for many years and early products used WordPerfect to automate the creation of legal documents.

Most automated document generation tools tend to mix the document structure and conditional logic within a single Word template using some sort of ad-hoc mark-up notation. This is further complicated by the need to specify both the logical tests associated with the document text and the presentation of the questionnaire. A major drawback of such tools is that they force everything into the template - whether it belongs there or not!

Logical Document Generation

VisiRule allows authors to separate out the conditional logic surrounding the asking of relevant questions and the logic concerned with clause or text selection and insertion.

Logic Executed prior to Document Creation

Furthermore, VisiRule can execute the logic which often precedes the selection and population of a given template, for instance, 'Am I entitled to apply for such-and-such a benefit?'; or 'Which document form do I need to complete?'

Logic Concerned with Questionnaire Presentation

VisiRule allows authors to totally separate the logic of document automation from the presentation of the questionnaire - in fact this is automatically constructed by VisiRule itself from the visual model. The order in which questions are presented need NOT be the order in which they appear in the document template.

Combining Flow Chart Logic and Document Automation

The combination of decision tree flowchart logic and document templates provides a lot of power and clarity. The additional of a clause database allows globally available paragraphs or clauses to be used across decision trees and flowcharts to create a wide range of documents. The logic which determines when to use which clause can reside in the document template or in the chart, or in the clause database, and combine answers from different questions.

Business Rules and Document Generation Tools

You can combine automated document creation with data-driven business rules. Documents can be produced using the VisiRule Business Rules Engine without any human interaction.

Legal Expert Systems Demos

Some examples of automated document generation are on the Legal Expert Systems Demo Page, where the NDA demo shows how to create a completed NDA from a template.

ChatBot Integration

You can also integrate automated document generation with Intelligent ChatBot module.


LPA & Document Automation

LPA is well versed in the area of legal document automation. Back in 1999, LPA helped establish Business Integrity Ltd to exploit work going on at LPA into document assembly. The LPA software stack was used to create the first versions of what became Contract Express, now a leading legal document automation and contract creation software package.