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Decision Tree Convergence

VisiRule supports the merging of divergent branches, which overcomes many of the traditional limitation of decision trees.

VisiRule Advantages over Decision Trees Software

VisiRule charts are not simple decision trees. They are directed acyclic graphs. DAGs offer a highly compact and efficient representation with minimal redundancy. Decision Graphs are far, far more powerful than decision trees as you can merge separate branches. This helps overcome the traditional problem of exponential growth, or combinatorial explosion, which comes from the inherent divergence of decision trees, where after just a few levels of questions, you can have hundreds of branches to manage. With expert systems, we often have many questions and answers, but just a few outcomes or conclusions. This implies convergence.

What is convergence?

Whereas standard decision tree construction restricts nodes to having a single parent, VisiRule allows nodes to have multiple parents. This is called convergence. Why is this so helpful? Firstly, convergence decreases the number of nodes and, secondly, it reduces the amount of unhelpful duplication across similar branches.


Decision Graphs vs Decision Trees

In real world applications, you often have many questions with lots of options i.e. lot of possible paths, BUT ony a handful of actual outcomes. Decision graphs are far more powerful and compact than decision trees.


Convergence Allows Easier-to-Manage Models

The result is cleaner and simpler models. Different branches can converge.. The ability to merge divergent branches means that the resulting diagram is easier to manage and maintain. Its like a family tree where a) marriages can occur between more than two people and b) cousins, aunts, uncles and even siblings can marry!

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Managing Complexity

VisiRule has many features to help manage large models including the ability to split charts up into separate diagrams and even save them into separate files. This allows for a more modular approach to creating decision models.

Executable Decision Tree Software & Flowcharts

Flowcharts have been around for almost 100 years now and provide a well-proven way of presenting process flow using structured diagrams. VisiRule charts can present complex logic in a simple and concise way without the need for programmers.


Many business users are already familiar with cognitive diagrams thanks to tools such as Visio, MindMap, SmartDraw etc. EDraw have an excellent page which explains the process of how to create decision flow charts or decision tree flow charts for decision making. VisiRule builds on this and ensures that decision flow chart diagrams are not just informative, passive pictures, but are active, executable flow chart diagrams; i.e. they generate executable code in the form of expert systems which can be used to build delivered applications and components.