Automated Decision Engineering

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VisiRule is a No Code decision automation tool which enables complex decision models to be developed and tested visually. AI-based decision engineering can deliver automated apps which make decisions rapidly and consistently.

You can embed VisiRule in your process flows to take advantage of the speed and accuracy of machines and free operators from the repetitive decision tasks they currently have.

Digital Decision Making

Digital Decision Making combines Artificial Intelligence and Rules-based Expert Systems, including Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic, with document automation and web services. 


Decisions that are made thousands of times over with the same type of data — such as pricing, loan decisions, risk reviews etc — can  be handed over to computer algorithms.


Explainable Decision Making

VisiRule presents a map to help guide users navigate the questionnaire. It highlights the current question, and path taken.


This can help explain the decision taken.


"Strategic and tactical judgments are supported by decision support tools, while operational decisions are automated by decision automation tools. Decision support and decision automation tools are always in the hands of people who have to setup, monitor, and fine-tune them."

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Data-driven Decisioning


The logic rules contained within a VisiRule chart can be extracted and combined with database access to support data-driven decision making.

VisiRule decision-making flow charts can be created using Machine Learning decision tree packages and then imported as PMML using VisiRule FastChart.

Reports & Analysis

VisiRule Analytics can access and assess the answers and associated computations over time to produce insight into what's going on.

The insight gained can be used to modify the  chart and deliver incremental performance improvements based on emerging trends,

Generate Documents


VisiRule features powerful automated document generation capability which enables you to produce large volumes of personalised reports and documents.

Each document will be customised using the specific data for that record or session..


Integrated Decision Making

You can connect VisiRule to other processes and procedures using Rest/Json endpoints and so build integrated decision workflows.


What is No-Code Decision Automation?

Decision Automation enables organisations to automate decision-making processes. Automated decisions increase productivity and reduce risks and error rates compared to manual processes. No-Code Decision Automation combines business rules and data visually to make decisions without the need for human intervention using a dedicated Business Rules Engine.

Logic Programming Associates Ltd

VisiRule is made by Logic Programming Associates (LPA), a well-established AI supplier (founded 1981). LPA has been developing and delivering commercial rule-based decision making software solutions and applications for various clients in various sectors for many years.

Multiple Industry Use

VisiRule works across a wide range of industries such as legal, financial, medical, insurance, and in application areas such as diagnostics, advice generation, compliance regulation, proposal configuration, and decision support systems.

VisiRule combines Artificial Intelligence software with visual flowcharting to provide a powerful and complete digital decision automation software suite.

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